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Telephone 01491 680 793 (Chapel House)          email: The Minister


In Newlands Lane (between the Chapel and the village green), please only park on the Chapel hedge side of the road. The road can get busy with traffic to and from houses and the popular restaurant, The Crooked Billet, so we have a polite agreement with the village that cars will not park on the village green side of the road. Thank you for your consideration.

At times when there are many cars expected, you may park further down Newlands Lane, in the car park at Stoke Row Sports & Leisure Club (with their kind permission).

Don’t rely on your mobile phone

Mobile phone reception in the village is pretty poor for most mobile service providers, so be sure you have a good idea of which end of the village you are looking for before you start your journey.  If you get lost, most locals are friendly and will be able to point you towards the Chapel.

COVID-19 Circumstances

Please enter by the front door of the Chapel, and wear a mask when inside at all times. Exit is via the side door. Hand sanitising stations are located in several places. We keep supplies of masks and gloves for when needed.

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